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17.6.Yehre Suh's article <Freedom Machines, Love, Home, and 'Good' Atmosphere: Affective Labor and Housing Architecture> to be published in Architectural Critics Community, Summer 2017 Issue

17.4. Yehre Suh's book <Imagined Border Spaces: Hysteria and Schizophrenia in North and South Korea> to be published in 2017.9. by Hyunsil Publishing Co.

17.3. Yehre Suh invited as juror for <Borders / Korean DMZ / Underground Bathhouse> International Competition by Out Loud Journal. Other jurors include Minsuk Cho, Stan Allen, Moon Hoon, Lola Shepperd, Jing Liu.

17.2.17. Yehre Suh presenting for <Emerging North Korea> symposium at AA School, London, UK

17.2.15. Yehre Suh selected as Board Member for the Architecture Policy Council for City of Seoul

17.1.15. Presentation at Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation for <Dasan New City Gateway Project> in Namyang, Gyeonggi-do

16.6.10. Awarded Special Prize for Nodeul Dream Island International Competition, Lead Design by Yehre Suh

16.5.7. <Creative Productions: Creative Possibilities Between the Formal and Informal Urban Fabric of Asian Cities> Symposium organized by Yehre Suh, sponsored by the Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea.

16.3.7.-3.12. Yehre Suh presenting at the Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos Conference at University of Hong Kong.

16.1.20.-3.20. Yehre Suh's 3 series article <How They Design> published in Landscape Architecture Korea magazine, Jan, Feb, Mar, 2016 issues.>

15.11.21. Asian Urbanism archive exhibition curated by Yehre Suh opens at the Asia Culture Center Library Park in Gwangju, Korea.

15.9.19. Yehre Suh invited to moderate panel with Saskia Sassen, Indy Johar, Katja Schechtner, Keun Lee for the Seoul International Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism Symposium on October 26-27, 2015. Other participants include Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Hyungmin Pai, Minsuk Cho, Aaron Betsky, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley, Joseph Grima, Seung H-Sang,Francisco Sanin, Vishaan Chakrabarti and organized by the City of Seoul

15.9.12. Linear Urbanism Conference at SNU GSES on October 12, 2015, co-organized by Yehre Suh and Kyongjin Cho. Participants Junghan Bae, Jin Baik, Marc Brossa, Kwangjoong Kim, Saehoon Kim, Taehyung Kim, Blaz Krinik, Alban Mannisi, Heeyun Yoon.

5.9.10. <Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula> exhibition in NYC at Tina Kim Gallery on Sept 10 - Oct 17. Opening on Sept 10th 6pm.

15.9.9. Yehre Suh invited for talk at Storefront for Art and Architecture <Reading Images: Crow's Eye View> event on Sept 9th 7pm with Alessandro Belgiojoso, Nick Bonner, Marco Bruno, Minsuk Cho, Hyungmin Pai and Dongwoo Yim in NYC.

15.9.4 Asia Culture Center opens in Gwangju, Korea. Yehre Suh is the curator of Asian Urbanism at the ACC Archive.

15.9.2. Urban Terrains Digital Lab initiates with new website and urban environmental analysis content.

15.8.29.-11.29. <Everyday Space Workshop> part of the realDMZ project exhiition at Sonje Art Center, Seoul.

15.8.10.-8.14. Urban Terrains Lab direct the <Everyday Space Workshop> DMZ Studio sponsored by SNU GSES in the town of Donsong, Cheolwon, Korea.

15.6.1. Urban Terrains Lab receives 2015 Promising Pioneer Research Grant from Seoul National University.

15.5.18. Office of Urban Terrains participate in the Seun Walkway International Competition.

15.4.27. Actor Map of Korea published in MONU #22: Transnational Urbanism issue.

15.3.20. Yehre Suh participate as main Architect in the Seoul Skyway Invited International Competition as part of CA Landscape consortium team in competition with MVRDV, Herreros Arquitectos, Topotek, Atelier FCJZ, Jo Sung Ryong Architects and Mass Studies.

15.2.1. Urban Terrains Lab receives 2015 ARKO Grant for Critical Research in the Visual Arts.

15.1.20. Office of Urban Terrains to be published in MONU #22: Transnational Urbanism issue in April, 2015.

14.12.5. Yehre Suh is invited to present "Parallel Urbanism: The Imagined Border of the Koreas," for the RealDMZ Symposium at Art Sonje in Seoul, Korea.

14.10.1. Yehre Suh is invited to be the curator of Asian Urbanism for the Asian Culture Center in Gwangju, Korea.

14.9.1. Yehre Suh is appointed Assistant Professor of Urban Design at Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies.

14.6.7. Korean Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale wins the Golden Lion Award! Tactical Territories and Parallel Utopias projects by Yehre Suh and Office of Urban Terrains are part of the Korean Pavilion exhibition "Crow Eye's View: The Korean Peninsula"

14.5.20. Yehre Suh and Office of Urban Terrains will be part of the 2014 Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion Exhibition opening on 14.6.5.

14.5.20. Yehre Suh is invited as speaker at the 2014 Venice Biennale HK Pavilion Salon Event on 14.6.6.

14.5.15. Presentation at the World Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies in Joensuu, Finland on 14.6.9-10.

14.5.12. Invited to participate in the CAUMME, Contemporary Architecture & Urbanism in the Mediterranean & the Middle East Conference in Cyprus, on 14.10.23-25.

14.5.3. Interview article in SPACE Magazine, May, 2014 special issue <Future Roadmap for the DMZ Peace Park>





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